About Me

I began practicing yoga in 2000 after relocating to London from my native Macedonia, but I only truly began to understand its power when I was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years later. I made a complete recovery and yoga was an integral part of the healing process, which took me to a higher holistic level.  

In 2009 I travelled to India and completed Iyengar training at the Yoga Gang Centre founded by Swati and Rajiv Chanchani in Old Rajpur-Dehradun, going on to study with renowned teachers in a variety of styles. Most recently I was certified in Vinyasa Flow RYT 200 after training with Vidya  Heisel and Jennifer Yarro at the Frog Lotus Yoga International School in Costa Rica, 2012. 

The sessions I teach are energising, non-competitive and relaxing, creating a practice which detoxifies both body and mind. My own yoga path is ongoing and I will continue to develop new understanding not only through my teachers but also from my students. In my classes as in my personal practice I want people to find a healing space protected from the pressures and stresses of modern life.  

I feel blessed that yoga showed me the path of life and light and I hope to continue to share it with the world.

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I have completed by Enhanced CRC certificate, and this can be verified upon request.

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