About Macedonia 

"According to Yoga scholar George Feuerstein, the Western love affair with all things Eastern began in the third century
B. C. , once Alexander the Great's  conquests opened up Persia and India."  * 

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia who, through his conquests, opened the road to Yoga in the western world. Macedonia is a country of sacred mysteries and unique beauties. Although it has no sea access, Macedonia  has wonderful lakes and untouched mountains perfect for winter and summer adventures. The small inviting country also has an intriguing history and rich cultural heritage, reflected not least in the amazing food and local wine. Quite apart from Macedonia’s spectacular peaks, lakes and rivers, it’s the hospitality of the people of this most southern of Slavic nations that will make your visit truly memorable. Therefore come and experience the beautiful country of Macedonia and embark on a Yoga journey of your own within a nurturing and welcoming environment.

* book "Yoga" by Linda Sparrowe, 2008, p.45 
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