Guided Visualizations

Her "Feel the Connection" Program , through guided visualizations, are designed to immerse you in nourishing, mind-body healing treatments.

Natasha’s guided visualizations will do for you just that: help you to come in touch with that deepest and purest place in you which produces happiness no matter what! From this point on, healing on every level starts to work on its own. The very first benefits you’ll notice will be that of enhanced sensuality of your body (for female) and improved sexual function (for male), increased fertility, reduced menopause symptoms at both women and men, all leading toward more pleasurable sex life. All other possibilities we’ll leave on your own imagination.

You will learn how to consciously stay connected to the Source and your own Sexual Energy in order to increase and maintain your own wellbeing. Knowing how to recognize and tap into this connection at will, means becoming awakened to your full potential and revealing, step by step, the great truth  ..........  that no one else can create in YOUR reality! It will support your ability to live your life consciously and in the present moment. Natasa  will show you the “switches", so that you can become the conscious creator of your own life.

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